Our Newport, Oregon Seafood Restaurant Photos

Blackened Sable Fish

Blackened Sable Fish

Outside the Restaurant

Outside the Restaurant



Calamari Fry Basket

Calamari Fry Basket

clamchowder bowl

Bowl of Clam Chowder

customers market1

Our Customers


Dog Seating

fishmarket behindcase2

Fishmarket Case

Fresh cooked Dungeness crab with hand picked crab meat

Fresh Cooked Dungeness


Our Fresh Fish Case


Our Fresh Fish Case


Our Fresh Fish Case

housesalad crab vanessa

House Crab Salad

in house smoked albacore tuna

In-house Smoked Albacore

in house smoked local sablefish black cod2

In-house Smoked Local Sablefish

jessica rockfishtacos

Rock Fish Tacos

mikes smoked albacore tuna1

Mike's Smoked Albacore Tuna

mikes smoked yaquina oysters2

Mike's Smoked Yaquina Oysters

patrons patio outside2

Outside Patio

patrons patio outside4

Outside Patio

patrons patio outside6

Outside Patio

pinkshrimp melt sandw

Pink Shrimp-Melt Sandwich

seafoodceviche app

Seafood Ceviche

smoked salmon fritters2

Smoked Salmon Fritters

Smoked wild seafood platter   available on restaurant menu

Smoked Wild Seafood Platter

smokestack night

Our Smokestack at Night


Fresh Sturgeon

Live Crab

Live Crab

Smoking Salmon

Smoked Salmon

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