The Ocean Bleu Seafoods Story

Ocean Bleu @ Gino's StoryNewport is one of the largest working fishing ports on the West Coast.  Gino’s Fish Market & Deli opened in 1983 and quickly became a family run institution famous for its fish ’n’ chips and popcorn shrimp. After Gino died in 2007, the institution on the bay front for both locals and visitors alike was in danger of becoming just another fond memory of the Oregon Coast.

In 2010, Ocean Bleu Seafoods, LLC took on the challenge of continuing Gino’s tradition for seafood excellence. Locally owned and operated by Vanessa Ferguson, Ocean Bleu reopened the market and deli offering Gino’s original favorites plus new and exciting recipes for today’s tastes.

The seafood at Ocean Bleu is the highest quality possible.  Most of the fish we offer is sustainably caught by hook-and-line right off the coast by our friends in the local fishing fleet.  We take pride in the freshness of our seafood and strive to provide only the best quality for our customers.

The Ocean Bleu mission is to share our love of great seafood... whether it’s an amazing meal at the restaurant, shopping from the fish market, shipping via FedEx or enjoying a catered event.

Ocean Bleu Seafoods is proud to carry on the Gino’s tradition of seafood excellence.

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We feature a wide variety of West Coast and Alaskan seafood, much of which is purchased daily from local fishermen.

Live Free, Love Often, Eat Wild

Whether you join us in the café and have our chefs prepare you an amazing seafood meal, purchase from our wide selection of seafood in the market, or have us FedEx seafood to family or friends, you will love the experience and the product.

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